Results of SAS Protocol Teleconference Call - June 2, 2004

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A SAS Protocol teleconference call was held Thursday, June 2, 2004 from 8:00 am -- 12:28 pm CDT. George Penokie of IBM provided the audio bridge and Jim Coomes of Seagate provided the WebEx session.

1. Attendance

The following people participated on the call:

  Jim Coomes
  Ed Davingnon
  Brian Day
  Greg Elkins
  Rob Elliott
  Mark Evans
  Andrew Kuo
  John Lohmeyer
  Kevin Marks
  George Penokie
  Bob Sheffield

2. SAS-1.1, ST_T (transport layer for SSP target ports) state machines (04-137) [Evans]

There was an extensive review of Mark Evans 04-137r0 proposal on SAS-1.1, ST_T (transport layer for SSP target ports) state machines. The results of this review will appear in revision 1.

3. Next Meeting

The next SAS Protocol teleconference will be Monday June 14, 2004 at 10:00 am CDT. George Penokie agreed to host the audio bridge and Jim Coomes agreed to host the WebEx session. Notices will be posted to the T10 reflector.

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