[t13] SCSI ATA f/w revision bytes how many

Pat LaVarre p.lavarre at ieee.org
Thu Jun 3 07:58:27 PDT 2004

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Andre H:

Sorry I do not confidently understand your English.  As yet in my
ignorance I believe the following translations.

> ATA taskfile passthough was released years ago, but

The first generation of ATA pass thru appeared in Linux "years ago", and
there was no second generation.

The "EXPERIMENTAL" labelling near .config IDE_TASKFILE_IO isn't relevant
to .config IDE_TASK_IOCTL.

An ATA pass thru tutorial appears on the web somewhere, thought not yet
prominently at Google IDE_TASK_IOCTL, just as the SCSI pass thru
tutorial of http://www.torque.net/sg/ doesn't yet appear prominently at
Google CHR_DEV_SG.

> the meatballs at the top

The sometimes irrational people with write privilege at kernel.org ...

Or the sometimes irrational people with write & erase privilege at
t10.org ...

Or ...

> are not bright enough to grasp the obvious
> when it is handed to them.

Sorry by now I'm thoroughly lost.

I guess someone somewhere appears to be leaving a partial or complete
solution to some problem unconsidered?  I'd like to consider it.  I
remember there is a SCSI to ATA telecon happening tomorrow (Friday).

Pat LaVarre

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