Reporting supported opcodes for an SPC-2 compliant scsi device

Brian Auld bauld at
Wed Jun 2 14:08:30 PDT 2004

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I was hoping I could leverage the knowledge of this board to help me 
|from going cross-eyed.

Is there an SPC-2 command that will tell me what opcodes a given scsi 
disk device supports? For SPC-3, I'm aware of the 'REPORT SUPPORTED 
OPERATION CODES' command, but I don't see that command in the SPC-2 
spec? Is there some other way to determine this information?

Working on a linux platform, I'm using the sg driver to send passthrough 
commands to my target devices. When I try to issue a persistent 
reservation out command, I seem to get into a hung state with a final 
return value indicating that a reset occurred. My persistent reservation 
in command do seem to work, however.


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