Conference Call on 04-088 - Initiator Port -> I_T Nexus wording

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 At the last CAP meeting I decided a audio/web call would be a good way to work through the wording changes resulting from 04-088 (note, 04-088 is out of date, current activity has concentrated on marking up SAM-3 via pdf).
 Most of the proposed changes involve the phrase "SCSI initiator port" being changed to something along the lines of "I_T nexus".  The purpose of this set of changes is to tighten up the language describing the scope of task sets (e.g. when the TST bit is 1) and a variety of other times the phrase "SCSI initiator port" is used to describe tasks delivered from a given "initiator".  The issue comes up when the config allows a single SCSI initiator port to see multiple target ports.  Most of the time it is not only which SCSI initiator port sent the commands, but to which target port that matters.
Con-call details:
 The details of the con-call have not yet been setup, but here is what I'm thinking.
 - August 9th or 10th. (Monday or Tuesday)
 - length 2 hrs.
 - start time 11, 1, or 2 Central
 - webex
 Those of you interested and planning on attending, send me a direct note indicating your time preference.  Unless I hear a strong preference I go with:
 - 8/9/04, 2:00 pm Central

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