Call for definition of WORM for SSC-3

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Thu Jul 15 06:59:56 PDT 2004

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How does the proposed SSC-3 work relate to the Write-once device
(e.g., some optical disks) device type defined in SBC and made
obsolete in SBC-2?

If this work is important, would it be more appropriate to revise
the SBC definition in SBC-2 instead of making the definition

Please note that I am not at all thrilled by the idea of devoting
two scarce device type codes to a single device type.

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Kevin D Butt wrote:

> The SSC-3 working group is looking to define WORM as it relates to 
> streaming devices. There has turned out to be a wide range of 
> definitions among the four companies who made comments. As such, we 
> wish to request all that have an interest to submit their definition 
> of what WORM is.
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