March 2004 MMC WG Meeting

Bill McFerrin billmc at
Fri Jan 30 06:48:58 PST 2004

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MMC WG Members:
Several of our members (including me) will be attending another meeting
early in the March T10 week.  I will be able to attend the plenary on my way
back home, but that is all.  I hope to reschedule a MMC WG meeting later in

I will request a letter ballot for MMC-4 during about February 15.  By
delaying the MMC WG meeting, we should have all of the ballot comments if we
delay at least until the week of March 15.  I can arrange meeting space
again in Sunnyvale or if someone else would like to sponsor the meeting,
please volunteer as soon as possible.

Bill McFerrin
MMC WG Chair

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