T10 Reflector clean up

John Lohmeyer lohmeyer at t10.org
Thu Jan 29 11:59:14 PST 2004

* From the T10 Reflector (t10 at t10.org), posted by:
* John Lohmeyer <lohmeyer at t10.org>
It is time again to clean up the T10 Reflector. The following addresses have bounced consistently since the last clean up:

Addresses removed:
  ronnie_geller at ccm.hf.intel.com
  amy.vanzant-hodge at hp.com
  t-takasi at str.hitachi.co.jp
  a-kojima at str.hitachi.co.jp
  o-kuni at str.hitachi.co.jp
  m_mirzani at hotmail.com
  janney at netgate.net
  mgee at corp.adaptec.com
  alan_spalding at corp.adaptec.com
  pfitzpatrick at jni.com
  zshae at watson.ibm.com
  jeff.carlson at hp.com
  mgee at corp.adaptec.com
  arlen_young at corp.adaptec.com
  jpacker at corp.adaptec.com
  Chuck_Gibson at corp.adaptec.com
  cramesh at corp.adaptec.com
  ksterlin at corp.adaptec.com
  Rajeev_K_Nalawadi at ccm.fm.intel.com
  krishna at asia.adaptec.com
  mkkerk at asia.adaptec.com
  weichuan at asia.adaptec.com
  linusk at asia.adaptec.com
  henryw at asia.adaptec.com
  albertn at asia.adaptec.com
  mwr2 at rsvl.unisys.com
  fuster_r at punkass.com
  terryk at pathlight.com
  Claire.Paterson at Vixel.com
  peter.van.hove.2 at philips.com
  har12703 at btc.Adaptec.com
  100637.406 at compuserve.com
  MANCUSID at pios.com
  ddawiedczyk at molex.com
  dale at data-transit.com
  greg.pellegrino at hp.com
  ian.williams at hp.com
  w_michel at vortex.de
  curtism3 at us.ibm.com
  morger at us.ibm.com
  han.goh at hp.com

Addresses corrected:
  danie.colegrove at hgst.com    -->  daniel.colegrove at hgst.com
  susan.gray at qntm.com         -->  susan.gray at quantum.com
  Paul.Entzel at qntm.com        -->  Paul.Entzel at quantum.com

There are a lot of bad Adaptec addresses that appear to be an issue with the subdomains corp, btc, and asia. If someone at Adaptec can help me correct these addresses, I'll add them back onto the reflector.


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