ADTr9a removed checksum error from NAK codes

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Tue Jan 27 19:28:08 PST 2004

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In reading ADTr9a I noticed a couple of items that I wish to resolve:

1) The NAK code for corrupted checksum no longer exists in the status code table.  I think this unintentionally happened during the reordering.

2) One of the consequences of the ADT port being an additional SCSI port is that if automation is talking to a drive a host on the primary port can issue a task management function such as LUN Reset and blow away an automation command that is in progress and the automation will receive no SCSI Response IU.  This has raised concerns among those that are used to the automation never being affected by primary port activity.  My intent of this discourse is to make sure that this "side effect" is understood and is indeed the desired effect.  If it is not, then we have a lot of work to respond to this.

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