SPC-3 editorial inconsistency

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At 12:53 21-01-2004, Neil Wanamaker wrote:
>I probably shouldn't have revisited this area, but have the following


>In Table 38, after "X", change "reference" to "referenced".
>In Table C.2, I don't see any difference between "V" and blank - to pick an
>at random, the Space command (0x11) shows a "V" under SBC-2, yet SBC-2 makes
>no reference to
>this command. I've seen few disks that implement Read Reverse, Write
>Filemarks, etc.
>Similarly, I'm really puzzled by opcodes 20, 21, etc. for disks, as there
>isn't even a name
>for the command.

Check the notes in SBC-2 Table 15, specifically the one that reads:

The following operation codes are vendor-specific: 02h, 05h, 06h, 09h, 0Ch, 
0Dh, 0Eh, 0Fh, 10h, 11h,
13h, 14h, 19h, 20h, 21h, 22h, 23h, 24h, 26h, 27h, 29h, 2Ch, 2Dh, and C0h 
through FFh.

All the op-odes you mention are listed.  True, they don't have names, but 
then the name for a VU opcode is itself VU and should not appear in the 
relevant command set standard.

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