SPC-3 editorial inconsistency

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Wed Jan 21 11:53:21 PST 2004

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I probably shouldn't have revisited this area, but have the following

In Table 38, after "X", change "reference" to "referenced".

In Table C.2, I don't see any difference between "V" and blank - to pick an
at random, the Space command (0x11) shows a "V" under SBC-2, yet SBC-2 makes
no reference to
this command. I've seen few disks that implement Read Reverse, Write
Filemarks, etc.
Similarly, I'm really puzzled by opcodes 20, 21, etc. for disks, as there
isn't even a name
for the command.

Does it make sense to expunge the V's, except in specific cases (Recover
Buffered Data may
make sense on disks or SCC devices)?

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