SBC-2 FORMAT UNIT - possibly obsolete fields

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Mon Jan 19 15:10:45 PST 2004

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> In SBC-2, 
> ...
> (reminder: obsolete just means "defined in previous versions of the
> standard.")
> ...
> An interleave of zero
> specifies
> that the device server use its default interleave. An interleave of one
> specifies that consecutive logical blocks be placed in contiguous 
> ascending order. All other values are vendor-specific.

Do we propose obsoleting INTERLEAVE != 0?

> DISABLE SAVING PARAMETERS (DSP) (in the defect list header) ...

We propose to obsolete this in some backwards-compatible way that still
avoids requiring non-volatile memory in the drive?  What is that way? 
Require DSP = 1?

Pat LaVarre

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