READ DVD STRUCTURE: Function 31h, Read MTA

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Dear Bill and MMC WG members,

I have the information regarding "MRW Validation Suite" to you.  
This software is using Function31h(Read DVD Structure).  

MRW Validation Suite does not do an action if the device does not support this Command.  
Accordingly, I changed the design of the our device.  
 ( The repetition of trial and error.  )

MRW Validation Suite wished that receives the 4Bytes header and RAW-MTA data from the device.  
When it eliminates these specification from the device MRW Validation Suite stops the test.  

I think, that you should discuss as the Philips regarding this problem.  
Please, discuss
  Dr.Paul.weijenbergh, Mr.Jaap.Nijboer, Mr.Peter Bentvelsen etc..

Best Regards,
Katsuki Hattori
_/ Katsuki Hattori (Senior Staff)
_/ SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
_/ Optical Device Business Unit 
_/ Optical Strorage Engineering Department
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> Subject: READ DVD STRUCTURE: Function 31h, Read MTA
> MMC WG Members:
> Hattori-san (Sanyo) has noted that the READ DVD STRUCTURE 
> function 31h that
> was originally in the DVD+MRW proposal is not present in MMC4R02g.
> Function is an optional function that permits reading the 
> Main Table Area of
> a MRW disc for the purpose of disaster recovery.  There is no 
> equivalent
> function for writing the MTA.  If there are no objections, I 
> shall correct
> this omission.
> Bill McFerrin, MMC Editor
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