Meeting to discuss jitter and signal quality on Tuesday, 03/09?

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Mon Feb 16 13:29:02 PST 2004

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Hi folks,

Interest has been expressed in determining what would be needed to allow
SAS to simply reference the methodologies in the FC document, MJSQ
(Methodologies for Jitter and Signal Quality specification) for the SAS
requirements that apply.  Since SAS is already based on these basic
methodologies it probably is not a huge issue but since SAS uses spread
spectrum and scrambling some minor changes are probably desireable.

In any case, to establish a direction to bring this to a conclusion, I
would like to have a meeting on Tuesday PM of the next T10 week.  This
would be a study group with output probably aimed at SAS 1.1.  I will be
giving a summary of the MJSQ methodologies.  The meeting space and time
appear to be available since MMC is not being held.  However, some
indication of the likely attendence is needed before formally scheduling
this meeting .

Therefore, please respond to me or to the reflector if you think that
you could make this meeting at 1:30 PM (more or less) in Dana Point on
March 09, 2004.

Cheers, Bill

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