Preempting in Persistent Reservations and other questions on Persistent Reservations

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Tue Feb 10 14:50:18 PST 2004

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Hi Peoples,

I am implementing SCSI Persistent Reservations as per the T10/1416-D
Revision 16 draft. I noticed under Preempting reservations/registrations
the action
	"Process tasks as defined in 5.6.1; and "
in a number of situations - just before I may need to set unit

Do I take this to mean, I am to allow any 'outstanding commands'
(tasks), which may have started execution prior to the Persistent
Reserve preempt command commencing, to complete PRIOR to setting Unit
Attentions on relevant initiators?

Also, once I complete my implementation, it would be exceedingly useful
to test it's functionality. I have some GPL code for Linux
(scsi_reserve-0.7-7.src.rpm) but it assumes one knows how to drive the
command appropriately. Are there any other tools I could use to test my

Lastly, I noticed a posting about the possible removal of Element Scope.
Can I assume, that in the not to distant future, Persistent Reservations
will only deal with the complete LUN and no extent based scheme will be

Thanks in advance
Burn Alting <burn at>

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