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I think there are a couple of new problems that could be cleaned up by the 

1) It looks like Figure H.16 was copied and pasted from Figure H.15 and retained 
the description that expander phys W and Z are part of an STP/SATA bridge.  
However, H.16 is describing an OPEN address frame received by phy Z, a situation 
that would not occur on a SATA link.  This could be corrected by removing the 
descriptions of expanders W and Z (ie, "STP target ..." or "SATA host port in an 
STP/SATA bridge") in the figure.

2) When phy Z transitions to XL6 there will be an OPEN address frame received 
argument, indicating that the incoming and outgoing OPEN address frames are to 
be compared.  As is evident in the absence of a backoff retry or backoff reverse 
response, the OPEN address frame received by phy Z has a lower arbitration 
priority.  Therefore, I propose an alternate description of this figure, as 

"Figure H.16 shows a phy whose link layer state machine receives a Transmit Open 
indication while in the XL1 state.  In this scenario, the OPEN address frame (B 
to A) received by phy Z has a lower priority."

3) Wouldn't this figure fit nicer after H.7?

Any objections or comments?

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