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> 1997-2000+, the industry used the FC-PLDA disk attach profile
> as a development and interoperability guide.

Good to have an example of success.

> At the time, the FC-PH-1/2, FC-AL-1/2, FCP, SAM, SPC, SBC, and SCC-1/2
> standards were all relevant for a typical FCP disk attachment. There
> were just too many choices within each of the above standards to allow
> for any meaningful interoperability.

People who do FDD/ HDD for PATAPI/ SATAPI have it worse.

In addition to navigating t10 SCSI, they have to fold in the SFF SCSI 
e.g. Mt Fuji, SFF 8020, SFF 8070, texts ... that, umm, heavily 
influenced the design of massively distributed host software in 
contradiction of t10 theories like op x23 being vendor-specific in PDT 
x00 SBC.

Pat LaVarre

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