More SBC-2 items to obsolete

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Mon Aug 30 07:22:35 PDT 2004

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Adaptec has application clients that currently exploit READ LONG and
WRITE LONG.  I would like to see them remain a part of the standard
until Data Protection has had some time to roll out and mature in the

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>> Folks,
>> In the same vein,  Brocade posted either a question or
>> a statement with respect to making the following SBC-2
>> items obsolete.  These should also be considered at the
>> September meeting.
>>	Question on making READ LONG obsolete.
>>	Question on making WRITE LONG obsolete.
>>		As the drives become more sophisticated, the
>>		meaningfulness of the data becomes more and more
>>		difficult to interpret.  I know they will be 
>>		obsolete soon, but is the time already?

R. Chris Fore
Research Triangle Park, NC 

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