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Fri Aug 27 16:54:43 PDT 2004

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> 	Question on making READ LONG obsolete.
> 	Question on making WRITE LONG obsolete.
> 		As the drives become more sophisticated, the
> 		meaningfulness of the data becomes more and more
> 		difficult to interpret.  I know they will be
> 		obsolete soon, but is the time already?
> ...
> Some of these hypothesize that modern drives use proprietary mechanisms
> for determining and executing defect management and that there are
> no application clients that use these somewhat dated tools for
> diagnosing
> drive ECC and establishing defect lists.

The more of us who can easily inject read errors, write errors, current 
and deferred ... the better off we all are.

I know myself I only know how to inject current read errors via writing 
long something I did not read long and how to inject deferred errors 
thru vendor-specific commands that very few drives support ...

Pat LaVarre

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