More SBC-2 items to obsolete

Robert Snively rsnively at Brocade.COM
Fri Aug 27 15:51:02 PDT 2004

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In the same vein,  Brocade posted either a question or
a statement with respect to making the following SBC-2
items obsolete.  These should also be considered at the
September meeting.

	Question on making READ LONG obsolete.
	Question on making WRITE LONG obsolete.

		As the drives become more sophisticated, the
		meaningfulness of the data becomes more and more
		difficult to interpret.  I know they will be 
		obsolete soon, but is the time already?

	In FORMAT command:

		Make bytes from index format address descriptor
		Make physical sector format address descriptor obsolete.

	Invent a new condition of deprecated (~ "should not") in
	for future obsolete state and apply it to:

		READ (6)
		WRITE (6)

	Make READ DEFECT DATA command obsolete.

	Make translate address input/output diagnostic pages obsolete.

Some of these hypothesize that modern drives use proprietary mechanisms
for determining and executing defect management and that there are
no application clients that use these somewhat dated tools for
drive ECC and establishing defect lists.  If this is not true,
READ/WRITE (6) is the only remaining question.

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