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Seagate submitted a SBC-2 letter ballot comment to obsolete the
commands and functions listed below. These items are no longer
useful in SCSI products being developed today. As a result these
items should be obsoleted in SBC-2. Note that any of the
obsoleted functions may still be used in products however those
products would use SBC to determine the correct implementation of
the functions.

The editor intends to accept the comment if there are no
objections. Please post any objections to the reflector or by
prepared to discuss them in the Sept. CAP meeting.

(1) Prefetch (10) (5.7)
(2) Prefetch (16) (5.8)
(3) Lock Unlock Cache (10) (5.5)
(4) Lock Unlock Cache (16) (5.6)
(5) These fields in Caching Mode page (6.3.3):
      (a) Non-cache segment size
      (b) Cache segment size
      (c) Number of cache segments
      (d) Maximum prefetch ceiling
      (e) Maximum prefetch
      (f) Minimum prefetch
      (g) Disable prefetch transfer length
      (h) Demand read retention priority
      (i) Write retention priority
      (j) LBCSS and DRA bits
      (k) the IC, ABPF, CAP, DISC, SIZE, MF, and RCD bits

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