Wide or Narrow?

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Thu Aug 26 09:49:15 PDT 2004

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Consider three SCSI commands preceeded by the following negotiation:

1.  Async Narrow using the WDTR message (message bytes: 01 02 03 00).
2.  Sync DT 160 using the PPR message (message bytes: 01 06 04 09 00 3E 01
3.  Sync ST 80 using the SDTR message (message bytes: 01 03 01 0A 1F).

At this point, is the bus wide or narrow?  In other words, should separate
states be maintained for PPR vs. WDTR/SDTR negotiation implying that the
bus is narrow or should one state be maintained implying that the bus is

-Scott Schmitz

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