04-271r1: SPC Time-of-Day

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I have a couple of comments on the proposal.

(1) The REPORT TIME OF DAY has a returned data format that allows for
multiple time of day descriptors. There are other places in the proposal
that imply that only a single time of day clock is allowed. Why might there
be any need for multiple descriptors to be returned?

(2) The REPORT TIME OF DAY returned data has a TODCS field that defines how
the returned value was "set". The most commonly available (on disk drives)
type of clock is one that keeps track of "total power on hours".  It would
be reasonable for such a device to want to report this value until a SET
TIME OF DAY is received. Should this type be added as an option in the
TODCS field?

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George and Ralph,

I have submitted ftp://ftp.t10.org/t10/document.04/04-271r1.pdf proposing a
Time-of-Day clock for SPC.  This is in response to ADC Letter Ballot
comments HP-139 and IBM Roberts-3.  Since it is the intent of the ADI
working group to request that the Letter Ballot comments be accepted and
ADC be forwarded to public review at the Sept plenary, I ask that we can
find time to cover this proposal in CAP this meeting.


Some of us (ADI Working Group) believe that this proposal might solicit
some debate from the group.  If you have any suggestions, comments, or
concerns, will you provide them ahead of time so we can work through them
and be in a position to have a good chance at approving this in Sept?


Kevin D. Butt
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