SAM-3 unit attention for spindle synchronization

Ralph O. Weber roweber at
Sat Aug 21 08:23:15 PDT 2004

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I have entered Rob's proposed change as comment HP 210 and
accepted it as a substantive change.

This information will appear in 04-116r4 when it is uploaded
later this month.

Unless objections are raised on this reflector or during
the September CAP meeting, I have not intentions of specifically
discussing this topic during the September CAP meeting.

All the best,


Elliott, Robert (Server Storage) wrote:

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>* "Elliott, Robert (Server Storage)" <elliott at>
>Should this line be removed from SAM-3 since SBC-2 no longer mentions
>spindle synchronization?
>5.9.7 Unit Attention condition
>Each logical unit shall generate an unit attention condition whenever
>one of the following events occurs:
>i) A change in the condition of a synchronized spindle; or

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