MMC4 spec refers to version 1.0 of DVD+MRW spec but 1.1 is the current one

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In MMC4r03a.pdf (the last revision of MMC4 specification), at point 6.3.
CLOSE TRACK/SESSION Command, Table 223 Close Function Definitions, Close
Function - 010b, Media/Format - MRW, is written:

"If no background is in progress, the command shall be terminated with GOOD
status. If a background format is in progress, the format operation shall be
stopped and the disc shall be structured for removal. For CD-RW media, the
CD-MRW Defect Management & Physical Formatting Specification, revision 1.1,
defines the structuring. For DVD+RW media, the DVD+MRW Defect Management &
Physical Formatting Specification, revision 1.0 defines the structuring."

But the current DVD+MRW spec is "DVD+MRW Defect Management & Physical
Formatting Version 1.1 October 2002".

Should MMC4 text be revised?

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