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Thu Aug 12 14:20:56 PDT 2004

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Might be worth mentioning,

> issuing a SMART command.
> Using CDB pass-through, I think this can be done using existing 
> standard
> driver pass-throughs

I have no less awful compromise to suggest ... but I don't want to help 
oversell this choice thru silence.

I think this theory holds up only on platforms that support CDB pass 
thru to the device in question e.g. Windows and Linux.

For PDT x00 HDD in particular, no matter if RMB or not, an application 
requirement for SCSI pass thru as yet excludes Mac OS X as delivered.  
There you have to roll your own kext (analogous to a Window sys) and 
install it, like people do for the Apple iPod's.  That Mac OS X 
limitation by design is the main spark in the flame wars that 
perennially plague:


The in-my-humble-opinion-nonsensical thinking offered as a O.S. design 
rationale is:

http://developer.apple.com/qa/qa2001/qa1179.html is t

Pat LaVarre

P.S. I'm sharing my personal opinion here, I do not speak for my ISP.

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