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Hi Peoples,

I've just finished reading the SCSI Stream Commands draft Rev 01a, dated
29 June 2004.

I have some questions.

Is a logical block a logical object?

If so, if I were to, at the start of a partition, write M logical
blocks,a filemark, then N logical blocks and finally a second filemark
would the logical object identifiers be as per this table?

                                Logical Object
	first logical block	0
	second logical block	1
	third logical block	2
	Mth logical block	M - 1

	first filemark		M

	M+1th logical block	M + 1
	M+2th logical block	M + 2
	M+Nth logical block	M + N - 1

	second filemark		M + N

Thanks in advance.

Burn Alting

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