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I'm trying to write tracks to DVD-R and DVD-RW for test purposes (custom
customer test app).
Writing to DVD+R and DVD+RW is not a problem, that I have under control but
I'm having issues with -R and -RW.

The idea is (for test reasons) to simply write small tracks.
For no good reason other than that I know there's a limitation of 15/16
tracks per session on DVD+R I make sure I write no more than 15 tracks after
which I close the session and start writing to the new open session.

All tracks are each time read and verified (custom data pattern).

I know that Mode Sense / Mode Select is important on DVD-R / -RW (contrary
to DVD+R) so, once the media is mounted, I ask the default write page (0x05)
and re-send that data again after I set the Bufe bit.  This way I write
packet tracks the way the drive likes it (I suppose).

This works fairly well !
I was able to write 'many' tracks and sessions like this on a PIONEER drive
using virgin DVD-R and DVD-RW.
(There were the occasional failures but mostly because the drive internally
lost track of the disc layout, not because of the way the data was written,
an open close fixed the problem then).
A similar test on a SONY drive led to similar behaviour but at a certain
point the Sony lost it completely' and placed every new track in a new
session, eventhough no close sessions commands were issued.  It looks like a
firmware issue.

Feel free to coment on the above but the real question comes now :

After I quick erase the -RW discs
(beit with the SONY or PIONEER drive) with
Nero or CD-DVD speed (for instance)
(I traced CD-DVD speed and it simply issued the blank command with Quick bit
I cannot write to the disc again with earlier described method.
The first write always fails with 05/64/00 (Illegal mode for this track).
I traced the Mode Select / Mode Sense and I still set the same values as
what I set before on the virgin disc, yet now, for some reason writing
doesn't work anymore ?

Are there -R / -RW experts out there who can comment on this ?
Why and how is the state of the media changed after the quick erase that it
prevents me from writing to the media the same way I could when it was still
'virgin' media ??

Your help appreciated !

Best Regards,
Peter Van Hove
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