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As our colleagues at the IETF are fond of reminding us ...

"Standards that require profiles are not real standards."

Fortunately, the attempts to profile SCSI in Fibre Channel
standards have been excised in FC-DA, and since FC-DA
replaces FC-PLDA, that bogus SCSI profiling past is
completely behind us now.

The SCSI standards are done right. Read the standard.
The requirements are spelled out there.

In this case, read SPC-3 and SBC-2.



Lawrence Chen wrote:

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>I've been going through the following Disk Attach profile documents
>in an attempt to gather all of the relevant SCSI related Disk Attach profile
>information that is deemed required by us:
>- FC-DA
>The FC-PLDA document includes clause 11 SCSI-3 block and controller
>devices starting on page 41, where, FC-DA does not include this type of
>At the moment, I am interested in the Control Mode page, such as,
>TST and TAS fields. In the future, I will most likely be interested in other
>profile areas of SCSI (e.g. SPC and SBC) which are mentioned in FC-PLDA
>but not in FC-DA.
>Question: Does T10 plan on addressing SPC and SBC disk attach profile information
>that is included in FC-PLDA but on in FC-DA? Also, there are probably some new fields
>in the Control Mode page which have been standardized since FC-PLDA was written
>which would be useful in a newer SCSI Disk profile than FC-PLDA.
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