SAS Expander: ECM Confirmation Arbitrating (Normal)

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Subclause 4.6.3 lists the main functions of the ECM.  Obviously, this list also 
defines sequence of operations.

The generation of ECM confirmations and expander primitives depends on this 

For example, if an expander must reject an OPEN Address Frame, shall it send Arb 
Reject (...) and never send Arbitrating (Normal)?  It doesn't make sense for an 
invalid OPEN Address frame to participate in arbitration.

However, Table 11 states an Arbitrating (Normal) confirmation is sent when "the 
ECM has received the Request Path request".

Note here the description of AIP (NORMAL), "Expander device has accepted the 
connection request... ".

Perhaps a better wording for the description of Arbitrating (Normal) is, "the 
ECM has begun path arbitration including the Request Path request".

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