FCP-3: Rev 03 now available and request for agenda items

David Peterson (Eng) david_peterson at cnt.com
Mon Apr 19 18:00:49 PDT 2004

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* "David Peterson \(Eng\)" <david_peterson at cnt.com>
FCP-3 rev 03 is now available at the T10 web site.


Main change in this rev is (now) normative bidirectional SCSI command
text, tables, figures, etc... (i.e., annex F is now gone).

Check the change bars.

There will also be an FCP-3 working group meeting on Tuesday (5/4/2004)
|from 11:00am-1:00pm Pacific time in Monterey/Seaside.
Please send me any agenda items (title, doc number, time needed) by end
of day 4/26/2004.

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