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Hi Katata-san,

Thank you for your concern, but I am not at all confused. I understand that
ECMA-267 is a disc specification. Does that mean it's optional for drive
manufacturers to pay attention to things in the specification such as ECC or
tracking control or reflectivity ranges? It would be much easier to make
drives that don't perform error correction or don't worry so much about
tracking, right?

I understand that the DVD spec part 3 (DVD-Video) is also a disc
specification, not a player specification. Does that mean it's ok for DVD
players to not support menus, or perhaps not bother with multiple angles.

Should DVD-ROM drives not support CSS authentication, since that's a
completely different spec? Surely that would make the drive cheaper.

I'm being facetious, but my point is that ECMA-267 is a disc specification,
as you say, but disc specifications make mandatory requirements of the
drives and players. There is no drive specification -- only a disc
specification, so that's what drive makers must follow.

I've heard from people who have looked into BCA reading that approximately
90% of the drives they tested could read BCA. So it doesn't seem too hard
for the other 10% of drive makers to fix their problem. 


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It semms that you may be confused by something.
ECMA-267 is a disc specification. There is no relationship with your
software product specification and someone's hardware product

And Copy Protection technology that is used for DVD e.g. DVD CSS and CPRM,
CPPM are also different with ECMA-267. Those are defined by the different
specification document.

Actually, reading BCA is difficult (a little bit?). Pick up head and seek
mechanize, decoder IC should be fit to read BCA. There are huge number of
too bad BCA discs to read in the market. This also makes difficult to
support reading BCA on low price drive.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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