A Modest Proposal: Protocol Services for Link Events

Paul.A.Suhler at certance.com Paul.A.Suhler at certance.com
Mon Sep 15 09:25:33 PDT 2003

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A number of SCSI transport protocols specify the effects that link events
have upon tasks.  For example, in login-based protocols like FCP, a login
or logout will terminate all tasks.  It doesn't seem correct to represent
this as an invocation of Task Management Request Received (Abort Task /
Abort Task Set / etc.) in the target and (for every affected task) an
invocation of Command Complete Received in the initiator.

Everyone who implements a SCSI port has to deal with these events in their
internal APIs.  Is there value to standardizing the behavior by adding new
protocol services to SAM and using them in transport protocols?  Will this
help us avoid incorrect implementations?

Or is this an unnecessary foray into Formalism Hell?


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