SBC-2 & Block Limits

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Mon Sep 8 22:02:15 PDT 2003

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I'm trying to get a feel for what SCSI Block Devices did before the 
introduction of the Block Limits VPD page (which is theoretically all 
devices since SBC-2 is released yet ;)

Is it common for devices to return Check Condition for request sizes 
that exceed some internal resource limit (like requests much greater 
than it's buffers) or is it just expected that devices should handle 
any request size that an OS throws at it?  If it is common to return 
an error, how do SCSI device drivers handle the error?  Do they just 
take a guess at a smaller block size and retry or do they send the 
error back up the host OS stack?  Any device driver writers or device 
manufacturers who have devices that return Check Conditions care to 
comment on what they do?


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