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These proposals are now available on

03-186r3 SAS-1.1 transport layer retries
This revision includes the transport layer state machine changes.

03-364r0 MSC Report Bridge Mapping command
A proposed command for protocol bridges (e.g. iSCSI to Fibre Channel) to
kick off the management server commands (MSC) project.  

This reports how the bridge is making mapping devices on one side to the
other.  For example, it is making FC targets appear as iSCSI targets and
iSCSI initiators appear as FC initiators.  

With this information in the hands of the application, complicated SCSI
commands like Inquiry, Extended Copy, Persistent Reservations, and
Access Controls can be used through protocol bridges without requiring
the bridge understand the nuances of each of those commands and
translate them.  

For example, an iSCSI to FC bridge might convert iSCSI target
descriptors into FC target descriptors when an iSCSI initiator sends an
EXTENDED COPY command through the bridge to a FC copy manager.  With
MSC, the bridge could just pass the descriptors through, depending on
the iSCSI initiator to recognize the presence of a bridge and send FC
target descriptors instead of iSCSI target descriptors.

It also lets bridges that do such translation identify which specific
commands they support.

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