New SAS, SPC-3, and SBC-2 proposals

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Sat Oct 11 15:19:14 PDT 2003

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There are two new SAS proposals this week:
03-334r1 SAS-1.1 ALIGN insertion clarifications  (updated this week)
03-345r0 SAS-1.1 Wide STP port livelock prevention

I am also working on some corrections to pathway recovery,
including removing the connection rate field from the 
comparison (as discussed on the reflector).  Let me know
if you are interested in reviewing changes to the ECM rules.

Tim Hoglund (LSI Logic) will be writing a proposal to correct
this line in the SP SATA host emulation states: Transition SP21:SATA_TransmitALIGN to SP22:SATA_PHY_Ready
This transition shall occur after receiving three 
consecutive Dword Received messages containing 
dwords <should be "primitives"> other than ALIGN(0).

Here are some new CAP proposals:
03-342r1 SPC-3 Persistent reservations read full status
03-343r0 SPC-3 Report supported asymmetric access states 
03-344r0 SPC-3 Report all target port identifiers
03-348r0 SBC-2 4-byte LBA commands on 8-byte LBA capable drives

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Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology

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