SAS Programmed Physical Link Rates

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> I feel the standard is incomplete in the description of this subject.
> The SMP Discover response frame contains pairs of hardware 
> and programmed 
> physical link rate values.  It is the programmed physical 
> link rate values that 
> should be used during the phy reset sequence, right?


> Clause 6 uses terms such as "lowest supported", "slowest 
> supported", and 
> "highest supported" physical link rates.

Since clause 6 is not strictly for expanders, tying it to the 
PROGRAMMED field names may be misleading too.

We can work on lowest/slowest and highest/fastest consistency.

> Subclause 7.13 uses "MAXIMUM PHYSICAL LINK RATE", which is 
> not the complete field name.

It should have PROGRAMMED in front of it.

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