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HP and the SCSI Trade Association are offering a free set of Serial
Attached SCSI tutorials on  Together, they
constitute about 3 days of teaching material.

The first file starts with marketing background, then highlights key
topics from the remaining tutorials:
1. General overview

It is followed by detailed tutorials on various topics:
2. Architecture
3. Physical layer 
4. Phy layer 
5. Link layer part 1
6. Link layer part 2
7. SCSI upper layers
8. ATA upper layers
9. Management upper layers and port layer 
10. Comparison to Fibre Channel FCP

The current set is dated 30 September 2003 and incorporates some changes
since presented in July/August at the University of New Hampshire
Interoperability Laboratory in support of the SAS plugfests.

Rob Elliott, elliott at
Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology

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