SAS-1.1 Open Timeout timer has not expired

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Tue Nov 18 09:21:12 PST 2003

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Hi Shogo,

I think the port layer state machines (PL_OC and PL_PM) in device[A] are responsible for resolving the failure to receive an 
OPEN_ACCEPT or OPEN_REJECT. You will notice that the Link Layer state machine state SL_CC1:ArbSel has a "Stop Arb" input that can be 
used to resolve situation.


Fred Dutton
Fred Dutton
QLogic Corporation

> Hi all,
> I have a problem about the Open Timeout timer.
> Attached pdf is the details. Please refer it.
> Step:1 An end device[A] sends the OPEN address frame to an expander 
>           source phy[X].
> Step:2 An expander destination phy[Y] sends the OPEN address frame 
>           to the next device.
> Step:3 The OPEN address frame has lost on the serial cable which 
>           connects an expander destination phy[Y]. 
> Step:4 An end device[A] reinitilizes and restarts the Open Timeout timer
>           every time an end device[A] receives AIP.
> Step:5 The Open Timeout timer of the end device[A] has not expired.
>              I think this is a problem.
> I think an expander source phy[X] should not send AIP to the end device[A] 
> during an expander destination phy[Y] does not receive AIP.
> Thanks,
> Shogo Hamasaku
> NEC System Technologies, Ltd.
> External:(+81)89-947-7901

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