SAS-1.1 Open Timeout timer has not expired

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Tue Nov 18 08:32:06 PST 2003

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As soon as the expander sends out the OPEN, it sends an AIP (WAITING ON
DEVICE) and then stops sending its own AIPs.  Instead, it starts
forwarding dwords (or at least AIPs that arrive).  It shouldn't keep
sending AIP (WAITING ON DEVICE) on its own every 128 dwords.

XL might not say that correctly now, but I believe that was the
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Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology

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> Subject: SAS-1.1 Open Timeout timer has not expired
> Hi all,
> I have a problem about the Open Timeout timer.
> Attached pdf is the details. Please refer it.
> Step:1 An end device[A] sends the OPEN address frame to an expander 
>           source phy[X].
> Step:2 An expander destination phy[Y] sends the OPEN address frame 
>           to the next device.
> Step:3 The OPEN address frame has lost on the serial cable which 
>           connects an expander destination phy[Y]. 
> Step:4 An end device[A] reinitilizes and restarts the Open 
> Timeout timer
>           every time an end device[A] receives AIP.
> Step:5 The Open Timeout timer of the end device[A] has not expired.
>              I think this is a problem.
> I think an expander source phy[X] should not send AIP to the 
> end device[A] 
> during an expander destination phy[Y] does not receive AIP.
> Thanks,
> Shogo Hamasaku
> NEC System Technologies, Ltd.
> External:(+81)89-947-7901
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