Progress Indication function in Device Busy Event#2

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Hello all,

The followings are my comments.

1. Progress indication
 In my understanding, the host cannot know the remaining time directly from
the drive.
 Host can know a progress indication by percent.
 Katata-san described that "Host converts the percentage to the assumed
remaining time....".

 Is there any problem in such a remainig time estimation method ?
 I cannot understand what is the problem.
 If someone says "The problem is that the host cannot estimate the accurate
remaining time.",
 I say "The drive does not know the accurate remaining time.".
 So, I think the current esimation method has no problem.
 And I think the current estimation method is easy way for host because host
can indicate both
 progress indication by percent and estimated remaining time from one

2. Time field of Device Busy Event
 In my understanding, Time field of Device Busy Event of GESN is to report
the expanded working time for not becoming a timeout.
 The remaining processing time is not reported.
 If misunderstanding is produced in the current description, we should
change description so that misunderstanding may not occur.

Best Regards,

Kenji Tokumitsu
Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc.

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Hello all,

I correct the file name and add a section "2.5 Event lost possibility of

Please check my consideration and send me your comment.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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