Mt.Fuji Ver.5 Rev.1.5 is available

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Wed May 28 20:27:26 PDT 2003

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I have found a mistake in the document and fixed it.
I'm sorry if you already downloaded the file. Please re-download the latest
(The file name is same but the timestamp of the cover page is "May 29, 2003
12:05 pm".)

Please let me know if you also find an error in the document.
Takeshi Kohda

2003/05/29 11:47, Takeshi Kohda/Pioneer wrote:
> I have placed the Mt.Fuji Ver.5 Rev.1.5 on the FTP site in:
> or
> All approved changes at the May Mt.Fuji meeting were incorporated.
> This revision will be submitted to SFFC as the next revision of SFF8090i
> specification, i.e. INF-8090 rev 5.5.
> Best Regards,
> -----
> Takeshi Kohda

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