[SAS] ALIGN insertion in SAS vs STP/SATA

Seto, Pak-lung pak-lung.seto at intel.com
Wed May 28 07:53:14 PDT 2003

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* "Seto, Pak-lung" <pak-lung.seto at intel.com>
In SATA, ALIGN shall be inserted in PAIR and it SHALL NOT send an unpaired
ALIGN primitive.

In SAS, "One ALIGN or NOTIFY within every 2 048 dwords".

For STP which is tunneling SATA and performing ALIGN insertion, since SAS
only require ONE ALIGN/NOTIFY within every 2048 dwords.  Does it mean, it
will violate the SATA rule for dual ALIGN primitive insertion?  I would
think no receiver will require to check for the dual ALIGN primitive
requirement, otherwise it will be a problem, and only the transmitter is the
one that will require to follow the SATA rule and the SATA target does not
know about SAS/STP.  For the STP initiator (or any STP target), I would
think it will need to follow both SATA and SAS rules for ALIGN insetion,


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