[t10] mmc4r02 - near op xAD CDB[7]

Pat LaVarre LAVARRE at iomega.com
Fri May 16 11:52:18 PDT 2003

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Re mmc4r02.pdf ...
On screen 342 of 587, in "6.27 [ADh] READ DVD STRUCTURE Command", "6.27.1 The CDB and Its Parameters", I see:
"The Format field, Table 170, indicates the type of information that is requested by the Initiator."
Yet, on screen 218 of 587, in "5.4.3 Profile 3h: Magneto-Optical Erasable", "Table 170" is "Magneto-Optical Erasable Profile Decomposition".
I imagine instead we mean to say "Table 364" "Format Code Definitions" defines op xAD CDB[7].
But I'm so stunningly ignorant of PDT x05 that I can't be sure how wrongly confused I am.
Pat LaVarre

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