[T10] mmc4r02.pdf has no vendor-specific ops

Pat LaVarre LAVARRE at iomega.com
Thu May 8 14:40:05 PDT 2003

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One of the contrasts I think I see between MMC and
SBC is that SBC explicitly reserves a number of ops
for vendor-specific purposes ... while MMC quietly
does not.  Is that contrast truly there, or have I
just not yet studied MMC deeply enough?  Is this
contrast intentional?  Is MMC intentionally
incomplete in this way?

Cluelessly, curiously, thankfully yours, Pat LaVarre



grep '^..  .....V' says something like x 02 05 06 09
0C..0F 10 11 13 14 19 20..22 24 26 27 29 were "V =
Vendor specific" for PDT x05 "R - CD DEVICE (MMC)".

grep '^..  .....M' says something like x 00 03 12 1B
1D 1E 25 28 2A 2B 35 42 43 44 51 52 53 56 57 5B A8 B9
BD were "M = Mandatory", before "profile"s and
"feature"s gave us so many different flavours of

But some of the html that links that txt into the
web says:

WARNING: The information presented at this Web site
is not officially part of the SCSI standard.
Conflicts between the information presented at this
Web site and the applicable SCSI standard or
standards must be resolved by formal action of the
T10 Technical Committee. Until such resolution
occurs, the applicable written SCSI standard or
standards apply.

But we also have an opinion of what's V in:



I've thought about this question before, but I don't
think I asked it, did I?  Negatives are hard to

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