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Mon May 5 08:12:52 PDT 2003

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Dear Mr. Nemeth;

The descriptions for the RECEIVE DATA and FAILED SEGMENT DETAILS
service actions already contain an explicit statement of the
same requirement cited in the RECEIVE COPY RESULTS command
introduction section.

Only the COPY STATUS service action needs the cited statement but
does not include it.

Unless objections are raised, I will make the following change
in SPC-3 r13.

Move the cited requirement:
  from: the RECEIVE COPY RESULTS command introduction section
  to:   the COPY STATUS service action

In view of the existing requirements in the RECEIVE DATA and
FAILED SEGMENT DETAILS  service actions, the effect of the change
will be to allow the OPERATING PARAMETERS service action to
ignore the List Identifier field.


Ralph Weber
SPC-3 Editor

Joseph C. Nemeth wrote:

> In SPC-3r12, the RECEIVE COPY RESULTS text describing the List 
> Identifier states:
>     If no EXTENDED COPY command known to the copy manager has a
>     matching list identifier, then the command shall be terminated
>     with a CHECK CONDITION status...
> Isn't service action 03h (OPERATING PARAMETERS) typically used prior 
> to initiating any EXTENDED COPY command, to determine operating 
> parameters for the EXTENDED COPY command? In which case, there would 
> be no matching EXTENDED COPY list identifier, and the operating 
> parameters could never be determined.
> This statement above therefore implies that an EXTENDED COPY command 
> would have to be executed first to establish a list identifier, 
> followed by a RECEIVE COPY RESULTS with that list identifier and a 
> service action of OPERATING PARAMETERS. Since the operating parameters 
> are not known to the initiator prior to executing this service action, 
> the first EXTENDED COPY command must generally be a dummy command, 
> used purely to establish a list identifier so that operating 
> parameters can be determined.
> In SPC-2r20, a dummy EXTENDED COPY command made some sense, as a 
> brute-force method to determine if EXTENDED COPY is supported by the 
> target. In SPC-3r12, the 3PC bit in the Standard Inquiry provides this 
> information, so there is no longer any justification for sending a 
> dummy EXTENDED COPY command - other than to establish a list 
> identifier to make RECEIVE COPY RESULTS work.
> This seems very inelegant to me.
> Can RECEIVE COPY RESULTS be relaxed so that a service parameter of 
> OPERATING PARAMETERS does not require a prior list identifier, or will 
> this stand as written?
> Joseph C. Nemeth          Precision Algorithms          (970) 226-5427

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