[T10] SBP 1394 hard drives hang with Windows XP (rare)

Peter Johansson PJohansson at acm.org
Fri May 2 16:29:35 PDT 2003

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At 09:58 AM 5/2/2003 -0600, Pat LaVarre wrote:

>I have heard rumours of a coordinated Apple/ Microsoft effort to let a 
>1394 device declare that it works best with a four-byte-aligned physical 
>address, but I don't know anything more specific than that.

No proposal remotely similar to this rumor was brought forward by either 
Apple or Microsoft during the development of SBP-3. If there was credible 
interest in this idea, the SBP-3 working group would have been the place to 
discuss it.

It's not a particularly good idea. What does "works best" translate to? 
Doesn't work at all with other alignments? This simply adds complexity to 
initiator implementations for little practical value. Because an SBP-3 
target uses Serial Bus block read and block write requests to transfer data 
and because these requests, by definition, accept arbitrary byte alignments 
and lengths, it is not an undue requirement to expect SBP-3 targets to 
operate correctly with arbitrarily aligned buffers.


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