[T10] SBP 1394 hard drives hang with Windows XP (rare)

Peter Johansson PJohansson at ACM.org
Fri May 2 16:16:35 PDT 2003

At 01:05 PM 5/2/2003 -0700, Mike Berhan wrote:

>Windows is humming along just fine, with no I/O larger than 64K, until 
>this CDB is sent down:
>2A 00 02 47 A7 D7 00 03 FF 00
>This is the 3FFh sector count write request.  This IRP hangs for 10 
>seconds but eventually fails with "The request was aborted. 
>(C0000240h)".  You might think that the port driver would reset the 1394 
>bus and clear itself of this state but that doesn't happen.  The 1394 
>drive is hung hard and inaccessible (drive light is stuck on).  If I 
>recall correctly, other 1394 devices on the bus are also inaccessible 
>(though I would need to double-check that).

I doubt very much that other devices on Serial Bus are inaccessible---IEEE 
1394 just isn't architected that way. But I digress ...

Mike, it would be MOST INTERESTING if you could connect a bus analyzer and 
capture the ORB that transports the above-referenced CDB. See if the ORB 
specifies a page table or not. If it doesn't, there's no way the command is 
going to succeed because data_length is a 16-bit field that only goes up to 
65,535 bytes. Far shy of the 523,776 bytes requested by the CDB!

It's arguable that the drive could do a better job of failing the 
command---but first let's find out what's really happening.


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