SAS: no outstanding XFER_RDY when DATA received

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We've identified an error condition that is not described in SASr3g:  what
does a target port do if it receives a DATA frame, the DATA frame has the
tag of a data out command that has been received, but neither first burst is
enabled nor is there an outstanding XFER_RDY for the tag.  The following are
recommended modifications to the SAS draft (and SPC-3 for a new ASC/ASCQ) to
resolve this issue.

1) I propose a new ASC/ASCQ, INVALID FRAME RECEIVED.  I recommend that this
be one of the "4B" ASCs ("06" is the next available ASCQ in this group in

2) Add a new paragraph below the seventh paragraph in SSP target
port error handling ("If an SSP target port receives a DATA frame with an
unknown tag, it shall discard the frame (see").  This paragraph
should be something like, "If an SSP target port receives a DATA frame, the
frame is not first burst data, and there is no outstanding XFER_RDY for the
tag, the target port shall terminate the command with a CHECK CONDITION
status with a sense key of ABORTED COMMAND and an additional sense code of

3) Add a new item (b) in the second bulleted list in
[ST_TTS4:Receive_Data_Out] State description something like, "check the tag
value in the DATA frame. If an XFER_RDY frame has not been sent for the
data, and this is not first burst data, then this state shall send a
Data-Out Received (Delivery Result = DELIVERY FAILURE - INVALID FRAME
RECEIVED) transport protocol service confirmation to the SCSI application
layer.  This confirmation shall include the tag. This state machine shall
terminate after sending the confirmation;"

4) In Table 124 - Delivery Result to additional sense code mapping in 10.2.3
Device server error handling add a row for DELIVERY FAILURE - INVALID FRAME

Please feel free to call or send an email to me with any questions or
comments that you may have about this.


Mark Evans
Maxtor Corporation
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