SAS handling of NAK

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Tue Mar 25 11:11:36 PST 2003

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A small bug was found in SAS-03f that should be fixed. Unless someone
thinks it's not a bug Rob has agreed to make the recommended change. (see
below for the information.


I might have found an old reference to handling NAK and which ASCQ should
be used by the application layer.  In 7.16.3, last paragraph, it states
that the DATA PHASE CRC ERROR DETECTED sense code should returned when a
command is aborted due to receiving NAK on a non-interlocked frame.  The
Transport Layer and Application Layer both refer to the NAK RECEIVED sense
code for this, which is defined in the latest SPC.  Is DATA PHASE CRC ERROR
DETECTED just an old outdated reference?

George Penokie

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