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Pat LaVarre LAVARRE at iomega.com
Thu Mar 20 11:16:27 PST 2003

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Kindly offline I was that what we can't say out loud
is that none of the existing annexes serve as a good
example to follow for what we want from USB.

For example, they have all been normative text, and we
actually want informative text.

Possibly what we (T10) want from us (USB Mass) is the
two figures of USB Mass Chapter 5 with just enough
English for people to begin to get the idea that:

1) The USB host copies Out the CDB together with a
promise to try to copy a max byte count of data one
way or the other.

2) The USB host tries to copy data as promised.  The
device agrees, delays, or halts the copying of data at

3) The USB Host copies Status (and residue) In.

Maybe we can say that much and say visit the web for
the rest.  In notes & email we've been mentioning "the
thirteen cases" only because half of us don't want to
see that specific jargon appear in any T10 material.

Is that right?

Cluelessly, curiously, thankfully yours, Pat LaVarre

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